Some Geopolitics Anybody?

West/NATO narrative makes less and less sense.
Not even the Ukraine believes in the imminent fairytale Russian invasion.
Meanwhile the EU shows what a totalitarian bullshit construct it really is.
Yes, let’s better put all your tax dollars into bullying other countries and nations.
Very nice, high western values. 😦
History repeats itself. 😦
Snow Falling on Cedars anyone?
Shame on anybody who believed in this shit in the first place.
No one knew? Excuse me, in the free world everybody knew about it!
Don’t they have any adult people working at that propaganda outlet?
Not funny in the first place, even unfunnier when you base your “political” cartoon on a fantasy.
Have the USA thought about the number of bodybags returning from Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria?
No, they shy away from planet Earth coz it’s vile, brutal and as stupid as it gets.
They obviously moved back West since they know they were positioned against a ghost army.
Of course, blame Russia for Western populations growing a critical thinking bone and standing up for themselves. I’d say спасибо Russia!
Didn’t he take his family and flee to some undisclosed location? What an arse. 😐

Second Life is more than enough metaverse! Prove me wrong, I dare you.

You also feel so tired from all this bullshit? Hubby and me are congratulating ourselves daily for getting out of the EU repressive regime.

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