Needless Diary: Day 674

Good afternoon my fraggles

With the astonishing scarcity of really new and informative news of medical value I’m indeed starting to ask myself what this diary is still good for. Occupational therapy? Hope for sensational news? No. I guess I just don’t dare closing this diary before my president/the WHO declares the pandemic is officially over.

Until then we gotta do with 3rd rate newnesses and nonsense that just show and affirming our believe of how helpless our politicians are and how greedy big pharma is. Look these for example:

So, Phizer and Moderna, right? Mhm, those poor little pharmacies need to sell the last drop of their shitsoups until no single person and no government can be milked anymore.

And just today we get this little gem:

Jeebuz! Isn’t it common knowledge by now that the BA.2 variant is even weaker than its BA.1 predecessor? So what are you so alert about, scientists? Oh, your paycheck comes from Phizer and Moderna or the WHO – which also gets its money from Phizer and Moderna et al.

Uh ok, I guess I know now why you’re so alert: Fear of shrinking profits for your corporate overlords, right?

Oh, YouTube knows more about Covid/Omicron:

If nobody even knows the difference between a mortal pandemic and the common cold, what’s the panic all about?

I rest my case … and wish you lot a peaceful good evening and a good night.


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