Innovation and Design possible?

There is an older sailboat in SL called the Laser One. You might know this from earlier Olympic Games as an olympic class.
This boat is really fun to sail in SL even with the animation freezes the creator doesnt want to stop in this boat, because updates on boats dont bring profit and the customer has paid for it alreay. So if they dont like it they dont need to sail it. Why caring for a better update and more smiling customers?

But even with these issues i enjoy sailing and of course racing it in Amy’s races or at hotlaps.

This boat comes in two versions.
The first one shows an Info text when you start sailing it with all important values you need to sail it at its best: AWA, Sheet Angle and Boat Heel Angle.
The second version is more challenging. It doesnt show you the values. On the sails you get tell tales in “red” when your sails are trimmed wrong and they change to “green” when you trimmed them in the right range.
But this boat gives you an additional little speed boost when you raise the center board and when you keep the Boat Heel Angle below 8-9Β°. But how will you know you are in that range, when you dont get the value for it anymore. You can listen to the changing sound, but not many use that.

Heel angle lines painted on the transom

Dont think about the answer anymore. I had the idea: I “painted” a couple of parallel lines on the transom with 8Β° and integrate them into the design on the side. So they look good and are even very useful.

The info text was only to get the right angle for the lines

Now you can hike forward and backward on the boat when you sail downwind, keep the lines parallel to the water and you will get the extra speed boost. You dont believe it? It is useful and works very well for me.

The color range of my new colection: BlueBerry, Lemon, Lime, Orange, DragonFruit, Kiwi, Plum, StrawBerry

The colors come in the tell tales version as well with the “new lines” and are available here:

like this one:

the special Laser One: BATLaser 1

Stay all safe and healthy

Hugs and kisses


  1. I have the BatLaser shown above, and the new heel lines definitely help to keep the boat planing. Great design – a perfect synergy of form and function. Thanks Bianca πŸ™‚

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  2. That’s genius, Bia! No need to fiddle with scripts n shit, just paint some go-faster lines on the transom and have your own hud without a hud. Really a rarity in the early 21st century: Innovation without adding complexity. You fascinated the Laser sailors by giving them a piece of cheese. πŸ˜‰ KISS at its best! Did I say genius already?

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        • I am a bit behind with lots of my latest designs in my inworld shop updated in my presentation vendors.

          But i cant put the Laser One boats into it. These boats are not modifiable and so i cant add a location script for those vendors to them. I have asked Dutch already several times to get one just for me and for only presentation, but he is stubborn and wont give me one. He did that for Nacra and Oned Design 65 and i have no clue why he doesnt do it for Laser One as well.

          But yes i still have my Inworld Shop

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    • Nah, i am no genius and only try to combine my knowledge of different things and make something helpful and new. Happy that it really worked first for me and now for others as well…


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