No Willing Investors?

… asks Karmi in this blogstory:

Wait, what? All they want from me is an investment of $14.16? Hey, that’s no problem I guess. Count me in.

This is a ‘Linux Swiss Army Knife’, offering maximum utility while still being able to fit in your pocket. Is it fast? No. Can it run a GUI? Also no. But it can run scripts, ping a server, toggle a few GPIOs, and interact with a USB device.

It’s slow and I can’t even run a GUI on it? I’m doomed to work in terminal (the dreaded) forever? 😮 … aaaaand count me out again. Heck that thing is as useful as a hole in the belly. And Karmi wonders why the makers can’t find investors? Yes, I know the Linux philosophy of doing one thing, and only one thing, but that exceptionally well. But this wannabe computer is too much of a one-trick pony. Gimme a Raspberry Pi 400 every day of the week. But this machine – no, no deal, no way.


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