New Cases Diary: Day 669

Mørning my frenlies

Remember yesterday, IOL reported 1,931 new cases + 17 deaths. Today I’m happy and relieved to learn the number is down to 1,332 new cases, 14 deaths.

You know, I never followed the numbers very closely but I guess this latest statistic cements the apparent downwards trend of Covid-19 infections and makes it a reality, no? I’m sorry for all the many journalists, almost more than for the newly infected and deceased; what will they write about once Covid has left the planet in a couple of weeks?

Not too sorry for the many many powerhungry demagogues and fascists either, calling themselves politicians, leaders and führers when we’ll find out what evil game they were playing in the past 2 years. And null, absolutely zero sorry for Phizer and the big pharma capitalists when they end up sitting on millions of tonnes of unwanted, unnecessary wannabe vaccines. 😐

But most of all I gotta apologize to the long-suffering readers of this column. People, I was naiive, a real pollyannish believer. And I only kinda woke up very late in the game. Yes, I knew we can’t trust in our gov’ts to make the right decisions pretty early on. I even decided to never ever vote again. What I didn’t know was how deep, how widespread, the corruption really was – and still is – in the western world.

Do I think the whole Covid-19 pandemic was a hoax? No, nhn, never said that, never thought that. I know the pandemic was real, and I know the covidiots were real idiots who only accidentally have been proven correct in the last few months when the whole house of cards we once knew as democracy tumbled and crashed down.

You and I, readers, cobloggers and frens, we did the right thing. We sanitized, kept clean, did healthy stuff, we socially distanced, we went into lockdown … for a real reason. I guess all of us still around, relatively unscathed, we’ve done our little part in saving humanity. \o/ YAY us! \o/

But it’s time now- even for the most smart middle European nations – to admit the pandemic is fukn over. We’re done with this shit! Ya, looking at you France, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, UK; you can’t go on forever calling the majority of your populations ‘nazis’ just because they aren’t as blind and corrupt as their gov’ts, ffs!

If you are one of the unlucky inhabitants of those dirtholes, why aren’t you in the streets? Why aren’t you fighting for more democracy and civil rights? This is a far greater disruption, a far greater and imminent danger to our freedom than the necessary lockdown has been! 😮

Ppl, hubs and me are happy as clams here in SAfrica but we’re still Germans, sometimes even kinda proud Germans. Pleez Deutschland, don’t force us to ask for political asylum here.

You guyz stay sane and save, ok?


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