Endemic Diary: Day 668

Good morning survivalists!

As if the lack of real news and usable info would tell us enough about this dying virus, here are the latest headlines about Omicron on IOL:

From top left to low right:

  • Omicron’s sub-variant was already figured out as even less dangerous than the original Omicron
  • HK uses cheap excuse to defend their murder of cute little hamsters
  • How misinformation left children largely unimpressed
  • O Canada! πŸ˜‰
  • Experts trying to get rid of their stockpiles of useless vaccines
  • Thailand is open for bizniz! Smart
  • Cape Town is open for bizniz despite … no reason not to visit
  • Okay, 2 of 3 African children died from Covid-19. In total, not per ratio. ^.^

Now let’s look at the reality:

And as always, I’m very sorry for the unlucky 17 and send my condolences to their families buuuut … 17 deaths in the last 24-48 hours (nonsense time-span btw)? Come on! And 1,931 new infections? Whoa! You call that a pandemic? Really?

And again we must ask about the age of the diseased persons and their medical history. And what counts as a Covid-related death these days?

“The bullet-riddled body of the gangster we found after the bank heist shootout? He carried an unusual large amount of hankies and was also infected with Omicron, sir!”

“Ok, one more number for our Covid statistics.”

Let’s all try our best not to appear in any statistic, okay? Not in the criminal one and not in the Covid stats neither. Don’t forget to water your plants, be nice to your teachers and don’t talk back to the police, kidz.

cya latex


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