Thor Hartmannsson

… is a Linux-Tuber and made a lot of educational videos about Linux Mint’s latest iteration 20.3. And since I know 89.73% of y’all are computing on Mint – congratz btw – I guess these videos will be helpful for you on your path into Linux/Mint.

Hello and Good day or ( Góðan dag ) in Icelandic .. My channel is about 99% Linux tips , on Linux Desktop distributions. I have 280 + videos with over 200,000 + views on my channel . So Subscribe !….and also check out the “community” tab for other info ! *About Thor : Well..I am Icelandic by birth, and currently living in the Pacific North West of USA, and I have been around Linux for over 25 + Years now. * Free Linux is also a Great Alternative for any version of Microsoft Windows. **Sorry , but I have turned OFF comments , DUE to very * malicious links & offensive remarks, which were in Poor Taste ! Being posted in the comments sections of videos , and I will no longer screen and release comments on Videos. So below are web links to other fun site’s .
Best Regards, Thor

And noticed, ladies, Thor is around Linux since 25+ years. And still he cares about Mint. So far about rumours of Mint being a beginners’ distro. 😐

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