Manjaro Linux – An Arch Distro That Rolls Cautiously

Oh wau! 😉 YouTube is brimming lately with ArchLinux content. And not by incident I can say. Arch-based Linux distros have so many good attributes that make them stand head and shoulder above all other desktop Linuxes. And the Arch infrastructure is vast and not a week goes by without a new Arch-based distro popping up somewhere.

Manjaro is one of the most famous and wide-spread Arch-based distros, very comfortable and luxurious. Kinda like the Ubuntu/Mint of the Arch world. One of my most beloved YTers, the Old Tech Bloke just made a new video about Manjaro. You remember he lately did a review of EndeavourOS, so now following it up with one about Manjo seems quite logical, no?

Many people have asked me, especially after my Endeavour OS video, whether Endeavour or Manjaro are the best distros to get to know Arch Linux, and whether Manjaro really is the best distro because of its cautious approach to rolling out Arch updates? There is, of course, no ‘best’ distro. The statement doesn’t really make sense because we have hundreds of distros to choose from and what we think is best is entirely subjective and influenced by our personal experience. In this video I take a brief look at Manjaro and ask if it is really the best distro compared to the likes of Endeavour. My answer? At the end of the day the decision will ultimately be one you have to make for yourselves. I hope you enjoy the video 🙂

As you might know your bloggybish uses both, EOS and Manjo and loves them both to pieces. And I know some TSB! readers and staffers who are also away from the Ubu/Mintyverse and have joined the Archyverse. Becca for example. And Trap. Mhm, grrls not only dabble in Linux but in assumedly geeky Arch, too.

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