A Good Long Run

10 days, 19 hours since I came home from the mechanic and switched MiniMax on. 10 days,19 hours of ‘home arrest’.
Then today’s update happened.
Which included a new Linux kernel, 5.16.2-1 …
… and logically followed by a system restart. So I’m back to only a couple seconds of system uptime now.

Soooo! That was one of the feared Linux system updates. Even a complicated one, with new Firefuck, Thunderfart, Warpinator and most of all a brand-spanking new Kernel. It all went automatically, in a matter of a few minutes, your blogbish is alive and well and the system runs great! All I had to do was twice clicking my mouse on some things, like every doofus can do.

I really don’t get it why everybody’s so phuxxn afraid of Arch.

And now we’re cooler than cool. We’re peeing ice cubes!


  1. Don’t fear the Linux Kernel! I love hearing your fun with Arch. You never cease to make me smile! What drives me nuts is every time someone drags me onto social media…. My i7 with 16 GB of RAM, 2 GB NVidia discreet graphics card, ips 27″ touch screen, Samsung 1 TB SSD, and their widgets crash because they didn’t get to flood enough ads onto my CPU memory….. Yeah baby progress! I really need to upgrade for more flatulent programming….. big raspberry lol! I’m fortunately no dependent on these paultry things and instead choose proper social etiquette with Mrs Orca Flotta thank you very much!

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    • That should be our global warcry, Mr. Kewl: DON’T FEAR THE LINUX KERNEL!

      And, right, a i7 with 16 RAMs shouldn’t crash … ever! And on Linux it won’t. 😉


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