Pandemic Diary: Day 666

Spooky good morning frenz

Really now, one statistic found on IOL. A number that shows clearly Covid-19 is dying and Omicron is just a last little resistance.

3,520 is a low number as it is, and it doesn’t even say that those 3,520 people have been hospitalized. No, they just tested positive. And now they know why they felt a bit under the weather lately. 😐

Hey Gov’t, NICD, doctors, scientists, pharmacists … it’s over! FFS! Over and done with. And if Ramaphosa won’t end the national state of disaster on the 15th February – or even earlier – I can’t guarantee for his political future.

But you and me, dear readers and co-bloggers, we’ll have a good and splendid future ahead of us. Coz we survived so far, unscathed and unharmed, we’re the lucky ones. So let’s stock up on beer and wine and sushi and pancakes and bacon and milk and brownies and let’s have a party.

3 weeks sufficient time for planning?

Cya laterz


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