LIVE: Yellow Vests march through Paris to protest against ‘vaccination pass’ and other govt policies

It won’t stop. Quite the contrary. People are fed up with the lies and fascist politics by their super-duper democratic gvts. And the protests are getting bigger from week to week:

Ruptly is live from Paris on Saturday, January 22, as Yellow Vests hold a new round of protests against the COVID-19 ‘vaccine pass’ and other measures taken by the French government in order to try to curb the ongoing spread of the virus.
According to the organisers, the protesters are also rallying against the reform of pensions, unemployment, social and fiscal injustice amongst other policies.

In the beginning of the Yellow Vests movement we all thought they were badly disguised nazis, right? As the years went on it turned out the Yellow Vests are in fact just … You and Me! Normal people, good democrats, who don’t enjoy being shitted on.

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