Girls Don’t Linux!

Or do they?

LIVE LINUX: Veronica Installs Ubuntu MATE!

Let’s try another live install! Ubuntu MATE is one of my favorite distros, but I haven’t tried it in a few release cycles. Let’s try it out together!

Hm, Orca don’t like Ubuntu. But if I was forced to use Ubu it’d be Ubu Mate. But … no. I rather not. Why would anybody, grrl or boi, use Ubuntu when we can start out directly on Mint or – only if we are real cool – on Manjaro?

But anyway, here you can observe a live installation of a working Linux distro in real time. And Veronica is a mucho sympatico host to show us how to.


    • Oh yes, up to now we managed quite well to keep our Linux one of the best kept secrets, didn’t we? And then along comes an Orca. Fukn blabbermouth with her girlish needs to “communicate” or sumfink stupid. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Why o why can’t girls never shut up?

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