Why I Use 2 Different Linux Distros

Because I can! ๐Ÿ™‚

And because why not?

No, honest, it gives me the little bit of difference in between two, in many parts equal, Arch-based distros. It’s fun and informative to find out the small instances that differentiate Manjaro (desktop machine) and EndeavourOS (on the laptop).

Manjaro is usually 2 weeks behind the vanilla Arch development while Endeavour is spot-on with Arch. EOS even gets the Arch updates unchecked and unaltered. So when I checked which kernels are running on my systems I saw that EOS is already on kernel 5.16 while Manjaro, at least on my system, is still on 5.15. But I could switch to an experimental version of 5.16. Doesn’t make a huge difference but it’s good to know the Manjaro devs are taking their time to thoroughly test the 5.16 implementation before rolling it out as standard.

And the coolest thing is that I have free choice from a comfy menu:

Of course is vanilla Arch not a dictatorship and I have the free choice between millions of Linux kernels … but not from a curated list in a frenly menu but I’d to do all the research myself and then swap kernels via the dreaded terminal. ๐Ÿ˜ So in Endeavour I’m just happily rolling with the punches. It’s all good.

And I guess on my MiniMax machine everything would also be fine if I swapped to the “experimental” 5.16rc6 version. But why would I do that? I have much more documents n shit on MiniMax, and I need it all the time. This thing is my production machine, I’d hate to lose it even for 5 minutes. Let’s not forget I am already a stunt bunny since Manjaro standard is still on kernel 5.14 or sumfink. Guess I’m progressive enuff as is.

Fellow BTW users – you know who I mean – what kernel versions are you on, and why?


    • Usually I have, like, 3 distros installed on my desktop computers but only one for real use. Now is the first time since forever that I’m using something different on the lappy. So I have 2 distros that I actually use plus 2 computers that are more or less jobless by now. On one we have Mint coz hubby wanted to check some things … but never gets around to do it. What’s on the other I have no idea. ๐Ÿ˜


        • 3D anime? Whoa!
          I guess we can easily get rid of our 2 mini Lennies and make room on my office desk. But won’t do neither. They were useful in the past, for blogging when MiniMax fukkked up and as distrotesters. And they were cheap to buy and don’t need any maintenance. Nowadays the new lappy could easily take over.


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