SL Calendar Girls – The Final Twelve 2021

This is it!
After this calendar Kess will take a well-deserved break from doing all her 3 calendar projects, Girls, Boys and Home & Garden.

So enjoy for a last time …

the glamour sauce

Here we are at the culmination of the previous 12 months of Calendar Girl with the final 12 of 2021. As most of you who follow know this will be the last Final Twelve post, at least there definitely won’t be a 2022 one as I’m taking a break from the project.

These last twelve – the Calendar – is a selection of one photo from each previously published month of photos. It’s incredibly hard to choose because it’s basically my favourites from the thousands upon thousands that were added during 2021. With around 12000 images added this is the 0.01% that make the final twelve and the ultimate ‘Calendar’ for 2021.

So, here we are with the 2021 Calendar Girls list of the year! If you wish to see the full list for that month click on the month to open up the blog post featuring that months selection.

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