Influenza Diary: Day 659

G’day SL toons and real people

The house of cards our various govt’s were erecting so carefully, by lying and panicking slowly shows first cracks in its foundations. Looksee this here for example:

An official European government that distances itself from the European narrative. I call that chuzpe smart!

And here, this is exciting!

Give ’em a medal!

And, of course, South Africa is almost over the 4th wave by now:

Hm, I never wanted to believe it, called a guy who called me an influencer a liar, but obviously just asking (very innocently but repeatedly) if they are shitting us, shows some results. People are listening to me. In Spain even the government readsThar She Blows! πŸ™‚ Apart from the stupid Germans nobody else still believes in the pandemic. πŸ™‚

Hey, guys and guysines, how is it in your mother- or fatherland. Can you be proud of your gov’t or are they still shitting you? Or are you yourself still buying into the narrative?

cya lΓ€yterz


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