• He is, ain’t he?
      And the flu had nothing to do with the war or its end. It was just that the Germans were stretched too thin to still be an admirable antagonist for the Franglish and American troops and they just had to negotiate a ceasefire … only so they could get infected with the flu once they came home.


      • I thought they brought the flu home to the US, thus the name. But I’ve never looked up the details. I didn’t learn about it in school. I learned about it from all the 1918 & 1919 headstones at the local cemetery.

        When mask rebellions started, Omatra7 looked it up and the same thing happened in 1918.

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  1. I guess the flu didn’t discriminate between warring factions; it got Americans, Frenchies, Brits, Germs and ANZAC troops all the same. Dunno what happened on the Eastern front, if the Russkies got infected as well. And I don’t even know if it was civilians infecting soldiers on leave or the other way round. Fuxn flu don’t make a distinction between civilists and warriors.


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