Corona Diary: Day 657

Morning sweeties

Yesterday I collected some Covid-19 news but was much too tired/lame/lazy to actually put pen to paper and create an article. Well, this morning nothing new happened so I’m grabbing the virus by its horns and quickly give you the news.

Coz you deserve it. ^.^


Journalists! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ They just write anything in order to cash in on their linage or what? People transmit the virus but neither the transmitter not the receiver notice anything. Whoa! What a mortal pandemic this is. Let’s brace ourselves! Bullshit is coming. ๐Ÿ˜

Omicron already failed all expectations by politicians and the medical community. And the next few waves are even weaker, huh? And again I gotta ask, why are you even writing about this shit? In other breathtaking news: Nothing did happen! Nothing at all! We’ll keep you updated.

The 3rd useless article in a row. Covid cases are up, hospitalisations are up … in what fukn universe please? And they needed 4 (four) writers to come up with that kinda nonsense? Unpaid interns or what?

Yes, Covid-19 can still kill you, and maybe you’re better off when vaccinated, but there are so many more aspects to the case than they tell us. Let’s say you die in a car crash. That’s bad enough, right? But then they find out you were tested Covid positive just a day earlier but showed no symptoms and you felt fit enough to drive your car, and you probably were. But that drunken ahole who crashed into you while checking his WhatsApp didn’t care enough about anything but his shiny toy. Anyway, the coroner will check Covid-19 as cause of death on your death certificate.

And that, kidz, is how our gov’ts are manipulating us. It’s all parts of the massformation! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

This one maybe too?

Hmmm, 50% reduced death rate. Sounds good, is good. I can even believe the explainification. This time the survivors survived coz they were vaccinated!

And now let’s see the good news in perspective. In order to end up in hospital during the 4th wave you already were a problematic case to begin with. In a wave that just appears to be a common cold for most people, the hospitalized patients most likely all had underlying chronic or acute illnesses. You know, the garden variety, heart, lungs, cancer, diabetes, neurological or just age-related.

And that of those patients 50% more could be saved is prolly due to the vaccination … but also due to Omicron’s weakness. Let me state this again: When you are reasonably healthy you have nothing to fear from Omicron. And even less from the next couple of waves.

I’m a coward, a regular whimp. I have no problems admitting that. But I also have my trusted gut-feeling, it saved my bacon countless times before. And when I think about the hastily brewed up shitsoups by Big Pharma, and the number of glitches and dangerous side effects, a whole armada of warning lights and sirens go off in my brain. Sorry for that but at my tender age of 55 I feel much too young to die an unnecessary but well-calculated death as a lab rat.

You know, almost 2 years into the pandemic hubby and me are doing splendidly fine coz we don’t mingle socially, always wear mask when out and aboutor don’t go out at all, keep clean, have a van that is more in the workshop than drivable and have groceries delivered, and other stuff to protect ourselves from infection. Coz that’s – in my eyes – still the most effective survival strategy: Don’t get sick in the first place!

I hope you guys are doing marvelously well


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