Powersteering for Oubaas

Yes, I know, it’s boring. No Oubaas to see anywhere, just some sorta undecipherable technical shit that makes no sense. But I know what it is: A steering box. It’s filled with cogs n shit. Now it must just be bolted somewhere in between my steering wheel and the front axle. And it needs power from the engine, either pneumatic or probably per belt. The whole assembly then obviously needs some heavy modification/fabrication to fit into our oldold van.

Mecha says for now it’s just a mockup. But I can already imagine this box sitting in my engine room. And me going Vroom vroom! πŸ˜‰

But I cannot just let you sit there without any context:

Soon, old man, soon you’ll drive like a real car. πŸ™‚


    • Oh yes, so much. I can finally fit into any parking bay. At the local malls I often use the disabled parking spots, even when I’m alone. Not nice, I now. But what for do we have hubby’s German parking permit? =^.^=

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