Corona Diary: Day 655

Love & Peace my dear subjects πŸ˜‰

First things first. Or shall we say non-things?

2,409 new cases? Nationwide? Really? And you call that a wave? 77 deaded are quite a lot in relation but I guess that comes from the fact that only patients with heavy symptoms are tested anymore, so we get a high percentage of casulties. And again, like every time, I’m really sorry for each of the deceased buuuut, what do we know about their age, their health condition, chronic illnesses and all that? Of course if you are a grossly overweight 89 y/o grampa with diabetes and 3 prior heart attacks every little infection can be deadly for you.

Catch my drift?

At least the SAfrican gov’t doesn’t make a big hullaballoo about it. They’re just eagerly rolling out the vacccines for everybody who wants it, and leave the rest of the people alone. Quite contrary to some western role-model democracies in the rich and mighty EU. 😦

Let’s have a look at the situation in Germany, France and the Netherlands, shall we?

Uh, ok. I rest my case. 😦

You and yours have a good one.


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