LIVE: Protest against COVID restrix, vaccine mandates takes place in Vienna

Fortunately it won’t stop! People are pissed off, and for good reasons. The way our oh so democratic govts are trying to introduce fascist policies through the backdoor shouldn’t sit well with anybody. So today it’s the Viennese protesting for more democracy.

Protesters hold the first demonstration of the year against COVID-19 vaccination mandates and restrictions in Vienna on Saturday, January 8.

In December, Austria became the first country in western Europe to reimpose a full coronavirus lockdown amid high infection rates, which was lifted on December 12, with measures for the unvaccinated eased for the Christmas season.

The Austrian government is also planning to implement a mandatory vaccination requirement starting in February.

Honestly, even if I personally was twice or even triple vaxxed, I’d be in the street today, fighting for my human rights. Because, let’s face it, it has long stopped being about a silly vaccination against an already dead pandemic; this is about saving our democracies from our govt’s!

Aaaaand, look at all the protesters. Do they look like the black blocks of fascist and/or antifascist protests to you? You see any prone-to-violence nazis? No, I don’t think so neither.

Now let’s look at a poor 2nd world nation like South Africa: You see any huge protests here? No. Coz most people just don’t go to vaccination … without making a big show of it. Coz nobody forces us and threatens and bad consequences. The country is hard hit, the economy in shambles, so everybody just shakes off the shock and slowly gets ready to rebuild.

And the gov’t isn’t blocking the effort.

PS: Disappointed about the lack of kangaroos? Again: Austria ain’t Australia!

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