Listen to the Words of the Wise OldTechBloke

His opinions are 99.99% congruent with Orca’s. 🙂

Endeavour OS, in my opinion, is the best Arch distro that currently exists. I’m biased of course, but my opinion is based on 14 month of continuous use and zero problems.

In fact Endeavour OS has helped change my mind about how suitable Arch systems are for brand new users, and I would now say that, whatever your level of skill or experience, the chances are you will get on great with Endeavour.

Update it once a week, use the wiki and friendly community to increase your knowledge, and customise it to suit yourself.

This video is a showcase of Endeavour’s latest release, which I can find nothing to criticise.

In summary, what are you waiting for? Just install Endeavour and stop hopping 🙂

I hope you enjoy the video 🙂

As you just saw Arch is no black wizardry or anything sinister. It’s kinda magic tho. ^.^ Just a fukn good distro of Linux.



  1. 🙂 In spite of being a vanilla Arch Linux user, I also think that EndeavourOS is the best Arch Linux distro.

    Why should one struggle to install Arch Linux the Arch Way when they can save lots of time installing Arch Linux by installing EndeavourOS via the Calamares installer?

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    • I’ve heard vanilla Arch once had a graphical installer. But that thing never really worked or it worked too well or what do I know. And really, after installation EOS is a standard vanilla Arch, just with some added stuff we would install anyway.

      In so far I support OTB’s decision and I’m even softer than he is: On my desktop I’m running the treacherous Manjaro because Nvidia driver install is so easy there.

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