08.01.2022 Augsburg Samstag Lauf … and other German Cities

In Germany people are fed up with gov’t as well:

Woah, it’s already dark in Bavaria. 😮

I hate everything about winter and I know exactly why we migrated to Africa. 😉 Oh, yes, and a gov’t that totally mishandled the Cov-19 pandemic and is put to shame by 3rd world countries is another reason why we are so fukn happy to be out of Europe.

And Düsseldorf too …

… and Hamburg.


  1. As someone who has lost older friends to the virus, I am saddened by your anti-vaccine mandates statements. The unvaccinated are vectors for the virus, and you, as an influencer, are a misinformation vector. I am taking you off my list of recommended blogs.

    No big deal. I am no one important.

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    • I’m sorry to hear that, dyedabbler, as you are indeed important to me. I take all readers of my blog seriously serious.

      Buuuut the virus is dying. While it was a hot topic all our western democratic govts failed to do the right things and made sure the virus would spread and linger on for a long long time. Buying the good soups from Russia and China in order to save their own people, to save us? No, nay never! That would mean they had to admit defeat and their carefully constructed economical warfare on the East would finally be seen as pity and useless and anti-democratic as it truly is.

      Now they are sitting on stockpiles of mostly useless vaccines and trying to force them onto the people.

      Please ask yourself, when did your older friends succumb to the virus? I bet it was earlier, when China and Russia were the only ones who had the remedy but our govts were too blasé to order the wondersauce.

      And don’t get me wrong please: I’m not an anti-vaxxer, I’m not even against a mandate. But really, this late in the game, now that Covid is barely different from the common cold, all those carreer politicans achieve is dividing their populations into the good vs the bad.

      “Here, look at that Orca, fukn anarchist technocommie and Putin lover. We won’t let her take part in public life anymore. Hand her the yellow star and tell her to shut up.”


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