Omicron Diary: Day 651

Unicorns and Rainbows, my dear children

Here we go again, receiving news snippets about … about nothing, really, and trying to make sense of it all. Why why why are people ruining everything despite them having nothing to fear?

Yes, there is a 4th wave. I won’t discuss it away, not a covidiot. Neither does Winde, and he is a covidiot! It’s his job, you know? But are we treating the virus appropriately regarding its hardly recognisable impact?

And again, my heart bleeds for every single one of the 45 unluckies. But are they an indicator for a nationwide, or even global, pandemic? Not even half a percent of “related” deaths is by no means anywhere near what you can call a pandemic, even the WHO admits it. And you know how lenient they are with the definition of “related”. Most of the deaths could have been shot or malmed to death in car wrecks … if they had a cough or slightly raised temperature before they succumbed to death = COVID! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

Wanna know what I just noticed? Since nearly 2 years I’m following this Covid-19 thing on an almost daily, if not very deep or thorough, basis so I consider myself relatively well-informed. Almost 2 years – and I still can’t make any sense from it, still only get heavily biased “information” from mostly interested sides, still have no clue what to do!

But what I do know, and that with 120% certainty, is that almost all involved parties are assholes! Nobody’s coming clean, giving us the facts, laying out the plan, telling us what to do. The more we see evidence pointing towards an end of the pandemic, the harder they are trying to force us to get vaccinated and get one of those nifty spying vaccination passports. People, the whole thing went from a medical to a political farce. And I’m not gonna participate in that shit!

Hope you’re doing marvellously well and keep healthy


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