I don’t wanna make you jealous but …

… we’re “suffering” a heatwave right now! ๐Ÿ™‚ And since the dams are sufficiently filled up, we don’t have water restrictions in place yet, so we can water our humble little wannabe garden daily. ๐Ÿ™‚

Ok ok, yes, I wanted to make you a little bit jealous. But I know y’all just love snow ‘n’ ice and bone chilling, freezing temperatures and slushy puddles and all the little wintery joys.

Have fun guys. =^.^=

As a little comfort for you, Oubaas is in the workshop for the next couple days so we’re kinda grounded right now and can’t escape to the beach. You feeling better now?


    • Floridia eh? That’s regarded as cheating. I was there in December of ’98 and, man, it was awful. Either raining or sunshining but always too hot. And all the debris from the hurricane season, that nobody cared to clean up. And the most boring riding xperience evah! Was a bit like riding the 3rd world. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Decided there and then that the States will have to do without me futurewise. ๐Ÿ˜

      But the sunsets on Key West are really spectacular.


      • Big difference between North & South Florida, e.g. you donโ€™t need any loincloths in South Florida during the winter or summer. BTW, you might ought to get checked for anything associated wid Short Term Memory Loss symptomsโ€ฆ

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        • Yes, I’m guilty of generalizing. And my impressions were from ’98, I don’t even wanna imagine how bad it is nowadays. Florida was a kinda emergency destination. Hubby was at a cure, so our vacation plans fell flat. I still had like 2 weeks of vacation so I went to the travel agents down the road and asked them to send me to a cheap sunny destination with good motorcycling options: Couple hours later I was sitting in a jetplane to Miami.

          And I guess one can judge all EU countries by one country, as they are basically all the same. At least for the intrepid traveller. Same currency, same laws, more or less same level of civilisation. Just different babble and climate.


            • So I was kinda right judging all states by Florida, no? Only difference is that most people are speaking Spanish in Florida and aren’t too keen on Cuba.


              • I dunno… Florida is now known for Trump and other covidiots. And all the stupid stuff “Florida Man” does (is that a thing outside the US?). Those have outweighed it’s reputation for seniors, latinos, resorts, and hurricanes.
                I’m not one to deny this country has gone insane.

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                • “(is that a thing outside the US?).”

                  Only for politically inclined netizens. But anyway, when I was there and found Florida terrible I haven’t ever heard of Trump. And it was a good 2 years before 9/11. Actually America as a country never played a big role in anybody’s lifes. We compared British vs American rock music and hated American global politics, that’s mostly it.


    • Kinda the same here. When you drive down the roads you can see the sprinklers sprinkling even in times of most severe drought. People are assholes all over the planet. At least here at the cape the drought is natural and not manmade.


      • My city has really fantastic incentives to convert from lawns to native plant yards. There are fantastic examples all over the place! I haven’t taken advantage yet because there’s a lot of commitment up front. But I don’t have a lawn either. I don’t water – whatever grows grows, otherwise it’s bare.

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        • That’s a fantastic way of managing micro gardens as ours. We’re, too, thinking about getting rid of the sad excuse of a lawn, laying down outdoor tiles and moving completely to pots/planters.


          • The neighbors across the street converted their front yard to a veggie garden which they share. Too much work for me but it’s really nice!
            Right now I’m growing garlic in a pot out front and waiting to see how the rain impacts the grapefruit tree… if it’s revived, I’ll start watering it again.
            I need to hire someone to clean up the out of control vines and honeysuckle in the small back and side yards so I can have a fresh start growing things there (veggies and plants). After a year+ of neglect it’s way too much for me!

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            • “Too much work for me”

              My sister in spirit!!!

              I hate working in the garden and in the house, too. Not a homely person, not a homesteader at all. My only attempt in gardening, the citrus tree, is as good as dead and doesn’t grow any fruits anymore.


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