Moronic Diary: Day 645

Happy New Year, despite all the virus shit around us, friends of the sun!

I thought if the ArchLinux devs don’t take a break, why would Covid? So let’s watch some YouTube, ok?

Hmmm, the first one I think is more wishful thinking than proven reality, the second one is … come on, of course are medical professionals not happy about all the covidiots running around without any restrictions. No idea tho why that interview needs to be almost 10 minutes long. And the 3rd and 4th are just a statements of facts.

I have no idea how the lift of nearly all restrictions will reflect on the statistics, but I guess the gov’t has passed a point of no return now and things are as they are. We’ll see what happens.

Hubby and me are hoping it will play out like in Sweden … but then we have to remember that the Swedes are a very smart and rationally thinking people while SAffas are hmmmm, quite the opposite. :/

For hubby and me nothing’s gonna change. We still gotta wear masks when we go out and mingle with the commoners, all the rest was already almost back to normal anyway.

I hope your govt’s are treating y’all fairly as well. People, I gotta state it again: Fuxn Covid is good as dead by now. Everything gonna happen from now on is politics, so please keep a keen eye on your elected leaders. Are they really acting in your best interest?

Have fun with the rest of this holiday.


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