Omicron Diary: Day 644

Of course no real new about that virus since Tutu is the headline right now. But above all this happy snippet:

Booze my children, and be merry drunkards and die in the usual ways: Explode your hands and heads, crash your cars, start pub brawls, do some rape and abuse … and let’s all be happy and forget about that fuxn virus. And know what? I’m not even angry.

Just a couple weeks ago I’d be very very angry at gov’t for being so lax on the stupid people, for acting so inconsequential, almost as if Covid has already left the planet.

But not anymore!

No matter what the fascists in Germany are doing to get their population under control, here in SA there are no signs of a pandemic anymore. Of course gov’t issues some half-assed regulations to look like they care, and of course they’re trying to get rid of the vaccine stockpiles that nobody wants to inject into their bodies.

Is SA stupiderer than the rest of the world? Usually Yes, but not this time. And I dunno if UK and EU have a different – more mean – strain of Omicron or are just so horny on using fascist methods to control their people? Particularly in Johnson’s case I will say yes, full fascist hooligan. PARTICULARLY Johnson! He was infected himself. Months ago, when Covid was much more dangerous than it is now. And he came back after just a couple sick days. So why make such a hullaballoo now?

What do you think?

People, by all means and purposes, Covid is dead for me. Of course I’ll wear my mask … coz I have to in order to get into the gym and food stores. But I don’t believe in the pandemic anymore!

I hope you don’t either.

Cya laterz



    • Oh, I forgot about that about that most stressful point for all women of all ages, our beauty. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ But come on Becs, when wearing a mask nobody can see your lipgloss. What people will see are your dreamy, deep, exotic, erotic eyes. So let’s concentrate on that aspect.


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