Recently Watching

Of course what’s on everyone’s mind right now …

Just watched the first episode and I gotta say unfortunately it’s not as good as The Mandalorian was. Somehow slower, less action, less intrigue … and a much less sympathetic main character. But ok, it was only the first episode, hopefully Boba will be joined by many guest stars besides his sidekick Fennec Shand. That’s a thing Mando profited on big time. Let’s see what Boba will bring to the party in the next couple weeks.

Written by Jon Favreau himself and directed by Robert Rodriguez I’d expected a more fiery entry into Boba Fett’s book.

But we also watched something – much – better:

I gotta admit I never played the game but the new Netfux series, of which we just watched the first 2 episodes is all kinds of great. You gotta get used to the very unique animation style but the storytelling, the pace and the technique is great. I was engrossed after 2 minutes.

Highly recommended.

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