STOP! Watch this video BEFORE you switch to Linux!

The honorable Gardiner Bryant gives you some hints and tips about what to do before you put Linux on your old laptop. You just got a new one for Xmas, right? So what’s keeping you from making the old thing really really usable and even more betterer than the newfangled piece Santa got you? Go update that old POS from Windows to Linux!

Here’s the video. Make of it what you want:

If you were looking for clear and simple recommendations to upgrade to Linux, look no further than this video. Essentially, there are three things you need to think about:

1. What hardware do you have?
2. What software do you want to use?
3. What desktop/Linux distribution suits your needs?

Watch the video to find my recommendations!

I think Gardiner is a clever cookie, and his recommendations are valid. Not my first choices … but ok. Maybe coz he’s a bonafide geek and maybe a bit out of touch with the real n00bs? I dunno. Anyhoo, giving this video a good lookover won’t harm. And maybe you can take something away from it. And maybe it inspires you enough, and in a couple days we can welcome you as one more Linux powered Thar She Blows! reader. ^.^


    • Whoa, didn’t know you was an early adaptor. But I guess you had to Linux for the job or sumfink. I might’ve started with Linux in 2000 as well, already spent a lot of time on Unix, LSO or Sun or sumfink? Fortunately I quit in Oct 99 and moved to SAfrika and was out of the loop for some years.

      But really, would you recomend Gnome for n00bs? Or Pantheon??? What was he thinking?

      I guess the bestest DE for beginners is fuxn Cinnamon. And I guess the adoption numbers and Minty’s reputation are proving me right. And contrary to Pantheon is Cin distro agnostic and available pretty much everywhere. Even when making the switch from Mint to Manjo or EOS.


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