Could It Be?

… and do we even want it to happen?

First I was excited and like Yeah yeah YAY! But then, honestly, I wasn’t so sure anymore. What made Firefly great was first and foremost the quirky crew. We can’t have them back now can we? I mean it’s like 20 years since Firefly hit the screens and, sorry, I’m not up for a flying home for the elderly. 😐

So Disney would need to come up with a new crew, obviously strong blue-haired females (non binary) and clownish men without any character. Do we really want that?


    • “there definitely expanding”

      “there streaming empire”

      Or just use Orca’s patented multiuse term ‘thur’. πŸ™‚

      But you’re right, Disney wants to make money, and squeeze it out of an audience group that normally would never watch any sci-fi, by catering to them and fuxing it up for the original audiences, which are grown ups and real fans (aka paying customers).

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      • Twas right guesswork by you hun. Firefly/Serenity isn’t cheap to make and Disney doesn’t have any writers with vision so they are making the same mistakes everybody else does: Rebooting old IPs, making ill-adviced sequels and prequels using woke children’s fan fic … and ultimately driving the whole expensive vehicle into the next ditch, where it can join ST Disco, Dr. Hoo, Bat-Lesbian and everything with Cowboys in Space.

        It could work, you know. All they need would be experienced screenwriters. But then … experienced people wouldn’t touch a burned IP like Firefly with a 10′ pole. Fox had their chance and blew it. Whedon, think of him what you want, had a strong vision, strong characters, strong stories, and you threw it away. We got a much too short season + a movie as consolation prize. Let’s face it, it’s over.

        Hubby just went “harr harr” last night and downloaded series and movie – yet again – so we have some binging material for the next couple days. It never gets old. ^.^

        Golden Protip for Disney: For a change come up with your own fresh ideas for your own fresh series. And avoid anything old, even if only by name. /me raises hand: Hey Disney, I only needed 10 secs to come up with a rough idea for a new series that would work for broad audiences, woke kidz and the people paying for their follies. Wanna have a success, holler me and expect a full treatment inside of 14 days. Main character – the Buffy for the 21st century – goes by the name Orca and has indeed metallic blue hair, which I gave her already in the mid-90s. My SL avie is loosely based on her. She’s a lonely 14 y/o cyberpunk pretending to be 18, mixed up in small crimes and accidental murder, in a run-down, war-torn, dusty universe. She’s not “nice” but a witty survivor, so ppl will love her. And then … naaw not gonna give everything away. =^.^=

        I’m dead serious!


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