Is it a Xmas Miracle or is Isa on drugs or is it just true?

Earlier today we all thought Sansar had gone. I have to be honest I felt quite sad about it because I find it a beautiful world and it has a lot of peace to me . I often log in and quietly explore places when I want some time out and believe me I was pretty sad when rumour had it that the world had turned off. Something inside me didn’t believe that and I spent much of my day on and off looking to see if anything was up and running. And suddenly it was.

The best surprise was to log in to attend a Light show held by Mario Helstein, the king of amazing light shows. So of course I filmed some. I believe the full show is next week so keep your eyes out for a visit.

❤️BLOG :-

Honest now, I never cared much for Sansar. Buttfugly androgynous avies, no world, only single experiences. So when LL gave up on that shit and sold it to Wookey I was kinda happy and hoped they had finally learned their lesson.

And now Isa’s telling us Sansar’s back? Like a zombie? And why is she talking about a “beautiful world” on a VR Platform that was decidedly and purposely Not A World!

But the vid is spectacular. 😉

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