Corona Diary: Day 637

Pheeew! People, I guess … I hardly dare to type it out loud but can it be that the fukn pandemic is over? That Covid-19 is dead?

When not even health professionals can see the diff between Covid and the common cold it’s not a problem, Emily!

It’s good news!

Fuksake, will you finally relax? And anyhoo, she’s an epidemiologist,what does she know about pandemiology? LOL! =^.^=

Ok, this is now official! Health Dpt is gov’t, right? So what they say is The Word! And they say quarantine is to be stopped for vaxxed/unvaxxed. Cool!

Infected/isolated people should get ready to return to work. No further testing after 8 or 10 days of isolation. You’re scot free! Hooray!

Mild disease: Isolate for 8 days … after that off you hop like a spring bunny! πŸ™‚

Asymptomatic Individuals: No isolation period was or is required. So when you get shot dead there will nobody diagnose Covid as the cause of death. Feels good, hm?

Okay guys, I guess that’s it. We’re done here. Buuuut … as long as I must wear a mask in public, as long as I’m getting sanitized whenever I go into a store, as long as Papa Smurf won’t tell us Covid-19 is over and done with at an official family meeting/soviet/indaba I won’t stop scribbling my diary. You know, after almost 2 years of this shit, I guess I’ll even miss it a bit. :/

3 mths left

You know, I kinda seem to remember that the terrible medieval black pest, that killed half of Europe back then only lasted a couple months. They didn’t have any real solutions and just let the pandemic run its course. And it died out by itself, no? We modern, enlightened renaissance humans, with all our hi-tec and wonder medicines, and best methods of crowd control and massformation, we’re doctoring about that shit since almost 2 years now.

Shame on us? I guess so.

I won’t tell you to wear your masks when not required by law, I won’t tell you to sanitize or keep social distance anymore. I guess after all the time, when you’re still alive and well you didn’t do anything stupid. So congratz are in order. You survived coz you did the right thing! You’re all awesome.

Heyyy, stop calling this a christmas miracle or anything stupid like that. ^.^

Oh, shut up you!

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