Distribution Release: Manjaro Linux 21.2.0

Heyyy! You happy on Linux? Of course you are, coz Linux makes everybody happy. And even more when you’re computing on the baby-easy-peasy Minty goodness. But it’s Xmas time, isn’t it? So why not give yourself a gift that keeps on giving – coz it’s a rolling release – Arch-y distribution?

And as it so happens, our long-time favourite, the mighty Manjaro Linux, just came out with a new snapshot, 21.2.0. Experienced users will know there is no need to install this new version coz our already installed distros will update automagically. But you, yes you, n00b, this is the perfect time for you to give Manjaro a go and see if it’s maybe better for you than your boring old Mint.

But careful: Only the official releases, Gnome, KDE Plasma and Xfce are on 21.2 already, all the community spins – which contain the people’s faves Cinnamon and Mate – are still on 21.1. Install them nevertheless, as you know they will automagically be lifted up in the next couple days/weeks.

Let the jingle bells ring! πŸ™‚

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