Linux Saves Windows Again

Oh, how I wish I could finally stop my propaganda efforts for Linux and attacks on Windows. Buuuut, sorry, Microsoft is shooting itself in the foot time and again. It’s really a friggin’ wonder how anybody is still stupid enuff to deal with that shambles of an operating system. 😐

This is a real life story!

Watch ‘n’ weep:

Brief video covering my great Sunday with my sons Windows 11 install.


    • Yeah, right. πŸ˜‰ Game industry drives the personal computers industry – wid “Trojans dropped whilst playing a game” all the time – Ditto on the “Yeah, right.” 2.7 billion gamers worldwide, wid 1.8 billion of them being PC gamers. We all know what OS most of those PC gamers use, and you can bet that they rarely (if ever) get a “Trojan” or any malware or any virus on a Windows machine.

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      • Lol they probably got there games from more reputable places than me. Or they simply don’t know there’s malware on there machine if it’s non destructive. Most of my games end up modded because I cheat. I agree, however us rule breakers are always getting caught out.

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