Tesla is a Scam!

This is the REVENGE!

It’s in Finnish. Please switch on Subtitles.
Like so!

Let me tell you that my old gas-guzzling umweltsau Oubaas has never and will never be as damaging for the environment as that one single Tesla. The negative impact of producing the batteries is something super bad, and we can’t ever reverse the damage. So blowing that fukin thing up was the best investment in a better future!


  1. Yeah, wait until all the Totalitarian Left-Wing Progressive idiots pushing this ‘Save the Earth‘ (as if they are more powerful than Mother Nature) Dogma start realizing that there are mountains of these old electric car batteries draining into their water supplies…

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    • Yepp! And the best part is they don’t believe in the concept themselves. It’s all blind activism and showmanship: “Look everybody! Watch me saving the planet, (using your money and cashing in big time from the car making industry)!”

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