Corona Diary: Day 632

People of the blog and the internet!

That’s it. I’ve now officially decided that the whole Covid-19 pandemic is a farce. Took me quite a long time to finally dismiss all the helpless gestures by various gov’t around the world,as useless and nonsensical attempts to appear as the great heroes who navigated our little rock thru the pandemic and get rid of all the democratic shit at the same time. Human rights? World peace? That shit is just in the way of corporate power grabs! Panicked populations and restrictions, combined with an economic war on China/Russia is good for profits!

Fortunately we still have some voiced of reason, even if they are banned and cancelled a bit more every day. And after we’ve seen all the peaceful protests around the world, and how the gov’t and industry owned media dismissed the protesters as nazis and obviously lied about the numbers of attendents, I’m pretty sure that we are indeed being crapped upon.

Would nazis make placards like this?

In that same vein I had a quick peek at today’s headlines in South Africa’s independent media aggregator, IOL. Come on, let’s have a look:

Noticed how very little the headlines tell us about the cold, hard facts of the sickness itself? But the general news are revealing enough as it is: Travel ban effects keep the whores at bay, cricket matches postponed, Turkey pledges shit, the ANC produces blahblah, Trudeau contradicts himself, the WHO panics since it sees its influence dwindle, and an older news about Omicron symptoms. Are we feeling well-informed now?

I tell you why they are all talking/writing around the pudding: There is nothing to report about anymore. Don’t I believe in the 16.080 new cases and 48 death? Oh, I know those numbers are very real. But I also know that 48 aren’t even 0.29% of the infected.

0.29% FFS!!!

And as I always say, I’m sorry for each infected person and very sad about the deceased. BUT … do I believe that those 48 died directly from Covid? Rather not. I’d like to hear more about the age bracket of the dead, existing illnesses, general condition and so forth.

I betcha some of the 48 died of gunshots, knife wounds, car crashes and heart attacks. And some very favourite ways of dying in South Africa: Sharks, lions, sneks, crocodiles, and Nigerians. That they also showed symptoms of Omicron makes it easy for the statisticians to include them into the count of Covid victims.

Tell me I’m crazy.

Omicron, no doubt! Okay, there was also a shark involved … somehow … but let’s not dismiss Omicron!

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