Linux Philosophy

Yes, again. And, yes, I’m sorry if you’re not into GNU/Linux (why not?) to waste your time with geeky sheet. But the probably 99.9% of Linux users in this blog may be interested in my latest observations. Let’s start, as we do so often, with the DistroWatch Ranking:

Forget all the rankings from #5 down to #20 but let’s focus on #1 – #4 for now, ok? You remember me saying “Cream rises to the top”, right? And what we see in the charts right now is an even more radical appearance of that aspect. It’s not the Top 5 lifting themselves from the rest of the crop, it’s actually the Top 2 discerning themselves from #3 – #5.

Don’t get me wrong, Manjo, Mint and Pop are top notch distros, beloved by many, and in their top charts positions since years but see how they stagnate or even show down-arrows? And now look at MX and EOS, both strongly trending upwards. And see the gap in between EOS’s 3245 and Manjo’s 2211 HPDs?

That’s more than 1,100 Hits Per Day! 😮

Apart from that, the gap in between MX and EOS is shrinking rapidly as well! In the not too distant future we’ll see Endeavour claiming the numero uno position from MX.

So all in all the cream still rises to the top but the créme de la créme rises even faster!

And as always, all this doesn’t even matter and should in no way influence your choice of distro. If you a n00b you go with #4, Mint, or Pop if you’re weird like that. If you a little bit more advancederer you wanna try Manjaro coz it makes sense and is a helluvalot less DIY kit than Endeavour. And if you’re a boring conservative stability lover you only trust in MX, which is probably the bestest, most luxurious Debian distro evaaar! Or so. Well, Orca won’t use it but go with #23 Sparky if she wanted to use a Debian spin.

But as it is right now, my personal taste is well-reflected by the DW charts. I’m actively using EndeavourOS (lappy) and Manjaro (desktop). And so does my alt, too.

Phree Radikal on EndeavourOS. 😉


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