SL Calendar Guys – November 2021

They’re not even bleeding but still they get a monthly calendar. This should be an honour reserved for girls, no?

Still, enjoy – if you can – Kess Crystal’s latest SL Calendar …

the glamour sauce

Welcome to the November 2021 selection of the  from the SL Calendar Guys group which I am continuing with the mid-month publishing date for. For anyone that is new to this page each month we display a selection of our favourite photos from the SL Calendar Guys group. At the end of each year we select one photo from the last 12 months to form a Calendar of the favourites of the year.

Here’s the group: SL Calendar Guys

And here is the selection of photos for November 2021:

89 by LeKingHalf


1935 by Panda Banana

[ 📷 - 1935 ]

A Journey of a Thousand Miles… by Maka Orion

" A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

It was a good day by Luis Aakster

It Was A Good Day

Update by Sora  F Aurelia

Update & Some more photograph practice

Light from the Dust by Jamz Dean

Light from the Dust

untitled by Manu Coulibaly


Bloom by Alaska Whalen


Speak Less, Listen More by Leon Miranda

- Speak less. Listen more.

billionaire scumbag by maledict hexem

billionaire scumbag.

Jon by Lofa Iqah



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