RL Orca

… long before SL was invented and Wiebke made an avatar named Orca Flotta. I cut this from an analog hip-hop video my boyfriend and his spackos made in 1994, as a birfday surprise for another girl.

Whoa, a freshfaced 28 y/o me in our friend’s home studio. Can you tell that everybody was well lubricated/very funny silly? I was just watching how everything was unfolding and no idea why the camera caught me as well during one of the crew’s many many creative breaks.

My man in red


    • Whoa! Some people can’t wait to experience adulthood with all its consequences. I hadn’t even finished uni at that age and hubby was still my BF. The feeling of life is still kinda the same, only the faces tell the true story about time that doesn’t fly. 😦

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  1. 13 Wives – 14 Divorces here (long story, married one twice, but just one divorce…). Lived wid even more; however, IMHO, married or living together, the breakups are usually just as painful – Breakin’ Up Is Hard To Do, as Neil Sedaka sang. Orca’s facial skin still looks great…in a photo her hubby took a while back.

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    • “Orca’s facial skin still looks great”

      Thk you Karmi. 😉

      Lotsa yoga, lotsa veggies, no makeup, no drugs, no smoke, moderate sun = tender spring bunny forever! ^.^

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    • Yes, married or living together, breakups can be just as painful. I didn’t marry until I was in my late 20s. Prior relationships had been tentative and breakups had been painful. So I married, hoping that stability would end the pain (and the judgment from conservative family members who expected marriage).

      After a brief marriage (and a five-year relationship), my wife and I divorced. The breakup was as painful as anything I had experienced before I was married. Fortunately, while at first the feelings were all-consuming, they faded. Eventually it seemed as though the entire relationship had never happened.

      A few years passed, and I then began a wonderful relationship that continues today, even after 25 years. We never married, but our relationship endures. The difference with prior relationships may be that I have been completely honest with my partner about my insecurities, and as she has been honest with me about hers. Neither of us is perfect, so neither of is especially disappointed when the other falls short of expectations.


  2. Orca, you look so beautiful in these screenshots! Your smile makes me smile. I haven’t seen a more recent photo, so I imagine that you look the same today as you did then.

    I haven’t looked in the mirror in 30 years. So, as far as I know, I look the same today as I did then. I actually do feel about the same, but the calendar tells me that time advances.

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    • Thank you KWG. Ugh, no, not entirely looking the same. 1994 was quite a while ago, was it not? I’m for sure in a much better shape than I was then but, oh well, time takes its toll on all of us. :/
      I hope you’re doing well and … oh, come on, dare a peek in the mirror. I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised how well, you kept up. You’re doing a lot of sports, eat healthy and don’t do drugs I assume. So maybe you’re better looking now than 30 years ago.


      • Well, I have never done drugs (a true but rare claim for someone in my generation), and I try to eat healthy. I have never participated in sports, but I try to walk at least 10 km per day, a task made most enjoyable by my rural location in the mountains, having moved years ago from the city. The mirror awaits my image, though.

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        • Well, I’m not a nature freak and I hate walking with a vengeance. I mean what did god invent the combustible engine for if he wanted us to walk everywhere? But, like you, we think moving from the hustle and bustle of the inner city life onto the outskirts was the best decision ever. Where we live we have all the comforts of urbanism but no parking troubles, and as quasi-pensioners we mostly avoid rush hour traffic as well. 😉


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