Corona Diary: Day 630

People, how will you answer your kids or grandkids when they ask why we didn’t do anything against this totalitarian onslought on democracy? We’re at a crossroads right now and I hope this whole pandemic thing will blow sooner rather than later.

Let’s check the news:

Left to right:

  • More new cases than in the last wave? So fuxn wot? That Omicron strain is ultra-infectious – but weak. Covid is old, it’s dying.
  • Richer countries hoarding vaccines? Godspeed with that bad investment. We won’t need all those shitsoups much longer anyhoo. Congratz for Big Pharma: Guys, you really pulled it off. Enjoy your profits. /me’s asking myself why I didn’t invest in Phizer? Oh, right, no money, no clue …
  • Fewer people in hospital as we’re in the throes of the 4th wave? Yes, what did I say? Exactly that, right? You get infected, check with the doctor, get sent home, 2, 3 days later you hopping again.
  • SA’s most stupid province has reached the peak of the 4th wave already. So?
  • All provinces in the grips of 4th wave? Ya. And?
  • Joe Biden, LOL … lives in a fantasy land. It’s too late, mozzafukka. We no fraidy cats no more! Stick your fascist fantasies where the sun don’t shine.

You peeps stay cool, ok?

Cya laterz


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