Manjaro Linux vs EndeavourOS

Hey there, adult Linux users.

This comparison video might be of interest for some of you/us:

We take a look at the key differences between Manjaro Linux and EndeavourOS. Two Arch based Linux distributions.

00:00 – Similarities
01:00 – Installation
02:30 – System Tools
06:37 – Update Frequency
07:27 – Appearance

Manjaro After Install:
EndeavourOS After Install:

As it so happens are Manjaro and Endeavour also my favourite Linux distros. After feeling betrayed by Manjo and avoiding it for some years I’m back and thoroughly enjoying working with it. And EOS, yeah, loving it coz it’s just a tiny bit cooler and closer to the real vanilla ArchLinux. It powers our new laptop while Manjaro with its easy to install Nvidia driver and the many luxury items has the honour of driving my main desktop and SL gaming machine. I’m really all around happy with my recent setup. And the best is that I never need to worry about the next point version of a static Linux like, for example, Ubuntu or Mint. Main machine and laptop are ready to roll into eternity … or until they fuxn break. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

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