Hey Good Minty Users

… which are 99% of this blog’s readers, right?, I’ve got good news for you:

Yes, like clockwork, every 6 months, Linux Mint comes out with a new version. Unlike its mothership, Ubuntu, Mint gets better with each new installment, so I wouldn’t hesitate to upgrade right away if i were you. No, honest, nothing bad will happen to you.

I don’t care how you do it, if you install freshly or follow the update path, we don’t even care that this is just a BETA version, not the 20.3 endgame. It’s all good. With just one exception: If I were you I’d not dabble with point releases any longer but would’ve installed Mint’s Debian version LMDE right away and would just swim with it.

Ugh, no, if I were you I’d be on Manjaro Linux since 2013 and give null fux about nothing. 😉

But, granted, not everybody can be as cool and sexy as Orca. That’s the sad reality of life, deal with it. But what you can do is fuk the world and install Linux Mint and be an halfways cool and 100% awesome person.

Orca’s little sister Phree Radikal is superduper cool in her Arch Linux powered spaceship. ^.^

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