Corona Diary: Day 629

Top of the morning to you, ladies and gentlemen

Another clear, sunny and windy Capetonian morning we have today, so I don’t wanna get deep into all the negative drama. Just a overview should be enough to set our sights right.

Let’s just deal with it as swiftly as possible, ok?

Omicron is less severe than Delta? Everybody and their granny knows that. And you reported about it an hour ago? Professionals, I tell ya.

SA remains on Level 1, which is like almost no level at all. Wear mask, sanitize, pretend you care, have a nice day. Gov’t, either we are in the throes of a mortal pandemic – or we aren’t. Make your fuxn minds up and leave us alone, fukkaz!

Cape Town hotels fight back against Omicron with special deals? OMfG! You don’t fight a pandemic by luring holidaymakers and bizniz people into your hotels en masse! You don’t fight a pandemic by creating mass spreader events. You fight a pandemic by closing your hotels, sanitizing them and then boarding them up.

And Hooray!, shopping malls see improved foot count. Boy, am I happy that everybody’s got their footsies back and non are missing. ^.^ No, joke aside, this news snippet conveys the same message as the one before: What world are we living in, pandemic or not? If we had a pandemic you wouldn’t see the footcount as an improvement.

Where are the adults in this scenario? Where are the adults of planet Earf???

And the last news isn’t the least bit surprising but is also not something I’d bring in any relationship with Covid-19. Of course does the Rand strenghten! \o/ No, it doesn’t! The Rand’s been corrupted to death, it only looks slightly better compared to the US$. And every currency, even imagined anime money, like the almighty Woolong, will outvalue the fuxn dollah every day.

A fistful of Woos

As always, be good kidz, wear your mask or don’t, sanitize or don’t … and be good to each other!


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