We Have That Cleared Up

Finally! Of course in the German part of the EndeavourOS forum, one geek made a table comparing the 3 mostest bestest and mostest used and famoustest Arch-ish Linux distros. So you can decide after a glimpse which one’s bestest for your special snowflake needs.

Glimpse here:

What do we see? Simples: Vanilla Arch is the most spartanic, a tinkerer’s paradise without any goodness sprinkled on top. EOS is close to Vanilla with just a minimum of special sauce added, and Manjaro is the full Monty. But it’s not really Arch anymore, is it? For the geeks it ain’t, for the rest of us spoiled housewives and by all means and purposes it is!

We knew all that before. Now we know it even better.

PS: The lowest line, DE’s Preconfigured, is a bit optimistic and biased towards EOS. Install EOS and Manjo both with the Mate DE, and you’ll see the difference. EOS gives you Mate as it is, pretty stupid and in dire need of finetuning; Manjo presents you a finely styled and ready to use Mate. Particularly in the capacity of making pretty and clever desktops Manjaro is one of the leading Linux distros overall, not just in the Archyverse.


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