Corona Diary: Day 625

Morning, custodians of the virus

Nothing breathtaking today, just some typical SAfrican stupidities I stumbled upon:

Didn’t they get the memo? The Omicron variant, contagious as it may be, is not worse than the common flu. Most people don’t even need to see a doctor, and if they do, there’s no reason to be sent to hospital.

It’s all about to not getting infected ffs! And here come the Covidiots into play. Why can’t people do without full churches and sport arenas, mega parties and all the other bullshit? Create megaspreader events and you get a megaspreading pandemic. It’s that simple!

But wait, there’s more …

Look, when did she say that? Article if of the 10th, so she probably uttered her fear of us being “on the brink” of a 4th wave two or three days ago? Fukwot? I don’t think that I’m a very well informed person but had health minister Normawhatever read Orcablog she’d known that we are in the throes of the 4th wave already since weeks. Fukmeblind! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

And these people wanna tell me I must get vaccinated so we can be a vaccination nation or whatever. And while our politicians and officials just bumble along and do unbelievably bad jobs, Phizer’s raking in the millions for their ineffective, hardly tested, highly experimental shitsoup.

Cya tomorow


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