Netflix Cancels Cowboy Beflop After Only One Season

… and YouTube is exploding with videos about this good/bad news. Here’s only one:

Netflix has CANCELLED Cowboy Bebop Live Action after only one season. After all the pomp and circumstance it failed miserably with audiences and has been shown the door. No one whatsoever was surprised.

… and here’s another:

Why Netflix, why? You had something reasonably good at your hands, I guess even the bestest live action adaptation ever done. And you give up? Just like that? You idiots! It wouldn’t have needed much to fix the show: Better – simpler -screenplay. Just get rid of all the shit that wasn’t in the original series, the fukn soapie about the Vicious and Julia story arc. Nobody is interested in those two, they are figures from Spike’s dark past and only become important for the show in the last episodes. Apart from that only use ’em in flashbacks and care more about the crew’s daily struggles.

Maybe it would have been beneficial if any of Netflix’ fanfiction writers had watched this video before they butchered the concept:

15 years later, I haven’t stopped randomly bursting into tears while thinking about Cowboy Bebop. Or maybe I’m doing it more now that I’m older, it’s hard to say.

Or just find out what the Japanese think about your shit:

Ok, it’s a bit of a shame since hubs n me really enjoyed the show … sometimes. Otoh not a big loss since Netflix was obviously not willing to make the needed changes by leaving most stuff as it was in the anime.

What do my readers think about Bebop’s untimely end and what caused it?


    • Quiet?

      But unique it was. Not good but unique. And if Netflix had hired adult writers and not a bunch of little kids, it could’ve been a really good series.


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