Today, between gym and mechanic’s workshop, I noticed the local vampires were busy setting up a blood donation clinic, so after visiting the mechanic I drove by for a little donation. My last donation was in 2007, so I thought it’s a splendid idea to do it again and let ’em know I’m still available.

I don’t always park so antisocial, but there was sooo much space on the parking lot …

Just too bad they didn’t want my blood! 😮 Wot? Whyyyy? Turns out I didn’t had breakfast yet and they didn’t wanna risk me driving off and losing consciousness and dying in a car wreck. But at least I’m back in the system now and they’ll let me know whenever they have a donation station somewhere in the vicinity.

Why was I out of the system? In 2007 they loved my high quality blood and asked if I wanted to donate blood plasma as well. Unfortunately my little body reacted badly to it and I told them they must take me off the plasma donors’ list. Obviously they crossed me out of the whole system.

Well, I’m back, ready to bleed for humanity. 😉


  1. This post is an example of why I love your blog. Such wonderful writing is why, in my Firefox address bar, your blog appears among my six most-visited sites.

    This post has a story:

    “I drove by for a little donation”

    It has humor:

    “I noticed the local vampires”

    It has a twist:

    “too bad they didn’t want my blood”

    It has a punchline:

    “ready to bleed for humanity”


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    • Thx for the compliment, kwg

      And I didn’t make it up, everything happened exactly as I wrote it. I filled in all the paperwork, wasted half an hour of my not so valuable time, was cut in a finger, obviously for some test … only to get asked if I had breakfast. Of course not, I came fresh outta the gym and the grocers, was looking forward to a nice breakfast at home … and they rejected me. 😦


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