[BREAKING] UK Court Rules Assange to be Extradited to US + CANZUK leaders are going crazy (Live)

That’s it. We’ll never hear from Assange again.

The last days of civilisation. 😦

And, as if we’d needed any further proof: UK has its fukn noggin inserted super deep in America’s @$$. 😦

What a sad day.


  1. There’s a lot of stupidity and anti-democracy behind this ruling. I understand Orca’s need for dramatic effect, 😉 but unfortunately pointing a blast gun of blame at the whole country doesn’t address the real problem… which, by the way, we all have to some extent.

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    • Izi, when I say UK I mean the UK gov’t, not every single citizen. I was not in the mood to write a lengthy political analysis, so I wanted to keep it short and get on with watching the stream.


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