Endeavour OS – Best Arched Based Distro | Manjaro Killer | XFCE

Yeah, we know that EndeavourOS is a Manjaro killer, it’s a rank above Manjo since quite a while already. But that isn’t important, as Manjo and EOS are both Arch-based Linux distros but made for very different users. As we’ve just seen yesterday in the video about Manjaro Deepin, it’s a rather comfy distro with lots of luxury items and help for new users. Endeavour on the other hand demands a quite advanced user, as you’ll see right now:

EndeavourOS isn’t an expressway to a predefined destination in computing, it is all about the journey towards your own destination and on top of that, you’ll be meeting new and friendly faces during that exploration. Or more appropriate, your new Endeavour.

A minimal and flexible system that serves as your power base, ready to start your journey in discovering the infinite possibilities an Arch-based distro can offer.

Download : https://endeavouros.com/

Where the Manjaro developers themselves refuse their system to be called ArchLinux, Endeavour is proud to be as close to vanilla Arch as possible. And if you listen to Troy attentively you’ll know why some people claim that Manjaro can even be a n00b system but EOS could never be since it doesn’t come with any helpful beginners’ stuff right out of the box.

Still, when you’re fit in Linux, have grown out of the Minty friendlyness and want more niftyness in your life, and can’t even be satisfied with Manjo, Endeavour is truly what I call an endgame Linux distro. Of course you can have more complicated stuff, shit to geek out over. But those distros are made for geeking, not really for production. And we wanna be productive, don’t we, ladies?

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