Corona Diary: Day 622

Mörning my friendlies

What we all wanted to know about the Omicron variant …

Hm … hmph. That wasn’t the list of answers I’d hoped for. Good or bad doesn’t matter, but what we need by now are some definitive truthes. Not assumptions and politics. When will they ever learn, most of us unvaxxed aren’t particularly anti-vaxxers but we demand to know what we get spritzed into our bodies and what the side-effects will be and in how far the inoculation will really help us. Is that so hard to understand?

As for now I’m healthy and show no symptoms of infection. And I’m very careful not to contact the virus anywhere. Here in the wild and lawless SA it’s no problem. It’s the super duper developed central and western Europe and the US where they are panicking and making little healthy me responsible for the whole pandemic. Fuk dat. 😐

And also …

I don’t say it’s time to let your guard down. Absolutely not. Quite the contrary, I deem the vaxxed and double vaxxed more dangerous and endangered since they think they’re invincible now. Which is proven to be wishful thinking. So we’re all responsible for stopping the spread of the virus, vaxxed and unvaxxed alike. The whole secret is to just fkin not get infected! LetCovid run its course and watch it die. Just be patient for a couple more weeks and then we’ll be over and done with that shit.

Stay healthy!


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