Corona Diary: Day 621

With every passing day I fear the virus a bit less and my co-humans a bit more.

Mornin’ sweeties, may I steer your attention to these news snippets?

Headlines like those are almost criminally fake news! No, you dummies, Omicron isn’t to blame for the outbreak, it’s just the current strain with what new patients getting infected. The outbreak was caused by lax regulations and stupid human behaviour. As always in the history of endemics and pandemics. Nothing special and has nothing to do with the variant du jour. The infected passengers would be far worse off if they were infected with the 10 times more mortal delta variant of Covid-19.

I’m just waiting for the first news blaming the cruise ship outbreak on South Africa, why don’t you?

And in further news much closer to home, to my home, not yours:

As I wrote repeatedly I don’t care much about statististics coz numbers confuse me but almost a quarter of tests showing positive is a clear sign for a very very communicable disease. Nice choice of word btw, I feel almost tempted to invite Covid over for tea and crumpets and high spirited conversation.

So, as also mentioned before, there is no denying that we are in the 4th wave indeed. Only thing seems strange to me is the number of diseased patients, which are 27 of 13,000. Is that a pandemic of proportions we should take serious? Correct me if I’m wrong but a fatality rate of 0.2% – and I’m very sad and sorry for every one of them – but 0.2%! Sorry if I don’t get a panic attack over that number.

And another question is popping up again and again: Can we even call the Covid-19 disease a pandemic anymore? All signs and general knowledge and also the experts say clearly NO! The fuk not! Not as long as passengers can embark freely from a vessel that just made it into international headlines as a Corona hotspot. All these puzzle pieces don’t fit, and I won’t be the one trying to make them fit. Sorry, I have no stake, not bizniz not political in the whole affair, have nothing to gain and kinda know how to protect myself. So leave me le phucque alone with your scaremongering! 😐

I hope you guys are doing remarkably well and I wish you a fearless day further.


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